Green Teams & Student Leadership

Green Team Guide

Recruit a school Green Team, Student Council, or other student group to promote proper recycling practices and reach your school's Zero Waste goals!

Green Team's provide a platform for students passionate about sustainability to drive positive change in their school. Green Team's raise awareness about environmental issues by educating their school community through campaigns, lessons, and activities. Additionally, they collaborate to find and implement solutions to reduce waste and increase recycling through advocacy and action. 

Click below for the additional resources referenced throughout the guide.

Green Team Member Application 
Green Team Sign-In Sheet 
Recycling Games
Bin Tally Sheet 
Recycling Inspection Rating Cards 
Recycling Inspection Rating Chart 
Recycling Monitor Sign-Up Sheet 
Recycling Chart: What Goes Where
Video List: Recycling & Sustainability
Recycling Morning Announcements 
Activity I Dot Survey
Waste Audit Guide 
Activity: Take Home Reuse Projects
How to Pack a Zero Waste Lunch
Field Trips: NYC Waste Landmarks
Year End Green Cleaning


Recognize your students at the end of the year with this editable Green Team certificate!



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